Funding for Radical Life is used to meet the needs of families and children by providing proactive education for adults and helping families create their own plan to get out of poverty and leave the threat of losing their kids to the system forever. 


Your donation helps our trained staff and volunteers lovingly surround our families as they learn to deal critically and creatively with their reality. Leading Families learn how to solve their issues with less and less assistance from our team and eventually less and less assistance from county and state funds. 

Parenting is hard. No one should have to go it alone. Your donation provides the needed materials and training to help build stable families and homes where all members can thrive. Funds cover costs for therapists, curriculum and classes, consults, walk throughs, and so much more.  

The average cost for a child to be in foster care for 12 months is over $28,000.00. The average cost for a family of 5 to walk through our program and out of poverty in 18-36 months is $2,806.00. Join us in helping see families thrive and homes be stabilized. Joins us in creating Radical Life for families in Lyon County.